About Matt

Matt is not only a real estate visionary but also a father of 3, a devout husband, a workout enthusiast, a youth basketball coach, and a constant learner.

Matt’s passion for real estate comes largely as a result of personal experience. He grew up in Knoxville, TN, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Computer Engineering. In 2005, as an employee of National Instruments, Matt was transferred to Huntsville, AL, to become a local sales engineer. In Huntsville, he began investing in real estate and, because he could not find the right agent, he decided to become his own.

Within that year, Matt was offered a job with one of the nation’s top builders, beginning his full-time real estate career. He helped two clients purchase a home in his first week and quickly became the builder’s top producer for the three and a half years he worked there. In late 2009, Matt launched Matt Curtis Real Estate, Inc., and quickly grew the company you see today. In 2012, he hired the first member of a team that has since grown by approximately 2,000%-to-date and hit 1,085 sales in 2019.

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Double Your Real Estate Sales Podcast

This podcast was developed in 2020 to help you grow as an entrepreneur in the world of real estate!

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