About Matt

Matt is the Founder and Visionary of Matt Curtis Real Estate, Inc. – a fast-growing, award-winning team of real estate specialists based in Madison, AL.

About Matt Curtis Real Estate, Inc.

Matt Curtis Real Estate, Inc., was founded by Matt Curtis in 2009 with the intention to reinvent the team approach to real estate. In 2019, Matt and his team grew 30% and hit 1,085 sales. We are a super passionate, fast-growing team of real estate specialists committed to providing North Alabama with industry-leading customer service.

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For every 100 homes sold, we build a home in Nicaragua for a deserving family living in unsafe and/or uncomfortable conditions. You will automatically become part of this fundraising and giving effort when you buy or sell a home with MCRE.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Double Your Real Estate Sales Podcast

This podcast was developed in 2020 to help you grow as an entrepreneur in the world of real estate!

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