#9 | Shifts in The Real Estate Market with Dean Cottrill

During this episode, Matt talks with Dean Cottrill, the President of T3 Sixty’s Brokerage Consulting Division and one of Matt’s personal mentors in building his real estate team, Matt Curtis Real Estate. Dean discusses the four different types of real estate markets and how we could shift from one market to another in 2020. Dean’s words are so powerful in expressing how real estate agents and real estate teams begin to make adjustments in their businesses to not only survive, but thrive, through the COVID-19 crisis. We hope you enjoy this message from our friend and mentor, Dean Cottrill.

#8 | How to Survive and Thrive the COVID-19 Real Estate Crisis with Stefan Swanepoel

During this episode, Matt talks with one of real estate’s brightest minds, Stefan Swanepoel, on the different ways agents, real estate teams, brokers and owners should be prepping themselves and their companies for the market following COVID-19. Stefan shares the “why” behind exploring others best practices and figuring out which will work for you and your team during this time, how to prepare for the market when we return to a state of normalcy, and the five steps he would implement if he were running a real estate team today. 

#7 | Real Estate and COVID-19

Matt Curtis explains four principles that he and the Matt Curtis Real Estate team are honing in on during the COVID-19 crisis and its effect on the real estate industry: 1) hope is greater than fear; 2) being outward focused; 3) showing grace; and 4) gaining perspective.

#6 | Our Team’s Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has created a mass crisis throughout the entire world. In Chinese, the word crisis has two meanings: 1) danger and 2) opportunity. However, as eminent as this danger might be, there are always opportunities hidden in the midst of it all. During this episode, Matt explains how our team at Matt Curtis Real Estate is responding to this “crisis” – how we have taken this danger and turned it into an opportunity. Matt will go into depth on ways to take action, become a servant leader in your workplace and in your community, how to take charge of your voice and become the encourager in someone’s life, and how to set your business up for long-term success. This too, shall pass.

#5 | PART 1: From 50 Sales in 2012 to 1,100 Sales in 2019

Matt Curtis reveals the Matt Curtis Real Estate Team’s playbook on how we grew from 50 sales in 2012 to 1,089 sales in 2019 in a 2-episode series. Matt breaks down our growth model to help you put together the pieces to take your real estate business to the next level. In part 1, we will take you through the first 5 years of growing our team and explain in detail the in’s and out’s of what made us successful.

#4 | Building & Maintaining a Strong Team Culture

Matt Curtis gives his playbook on how the Matt Curtis Real Estate Team has maintained and grown the company without hurting the company culture, and shares his secret on how you can get your team members fired up about coming to work every day!

# 3 | How to Build a Real Estate Team

Matt Curtis dives into how he built an award-winning real estate team that grew from 50 sales per year to 1,089 sales in 2019. Matt explains step-by-step the decisions he made and why he made those decisions in growing his real estate team. You can learn his playbook and behind-the-scenes tips on growing a successful team.

#2 | How to Double Your Income Every Two Years

In this episode, Matt Curtis explain how you can double your income every two years through personal development. He details how it has helped him in his own life and how it has effected him when he has not been consistent in his efforts. And the best part, this simple theory apply’s to all industries, not just real estate.

# 1 | How an Engineer Got Started in Real Estate

From an engineer to the founder and owner of Matt Curtis Real Estate. This episode dives into how and why Matt made the huge career change. He is here to share with you the challenges he has faced and overcome in building a successful real estate team.

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