Nicaragua Project

Why We Give Back

We have been blessed to continuously witness a remarkable amount of good fortune from the beginning of Matt Curtis Real Estate, Inc., and we are immensely grateful. The MCRE Team has consistently ranked high at both the local and national levels as a result of hard work – in addition to plenty of help from our fantastic clients and team members. Because we have had such great prosperity and success, we believe it is our duty to use that success to help others.

As leaders in the real estate industry, we can’t think of any better way to do that than to provide people with homes. It is a sad fact that 1-in-4 children in Nicaragua die before reaching the age of 5 due to inadequate housing. This is a tragedy that can be avoided. We know that a high-quality place to live, play, work, and spend time with family is something everyone deserves.

How It Works

When you buy a home with us, you’ll not only be the owner of a beautiful new place, you’ll be a giver as well. We sell a home every 8 hours, and hit around 100 sales every month! Every time we reach the 100th house in a row, we’ll have met our fundraising goal and can start building a well-crafted home for a deserving family in Nicaragua through Habitat for Humanity – Nicaragua. We’ve met some wonderful people since we began working in Nicaragua. Become a part of something greater than all of us!

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